On bass with Green Jenkins Denmark - 2007 Christmas 2008 On drums - Barry Street Project 88 Rehearsals from memorial CD Just Like That New York - 2008
Welcome to Highland Road!

Thanks for visiting. This site is dedicated to the music of David Christensen, a gifted musician who took his own life on February 17, 2009 at the age of 26.  For anyone that knew him it was a tragic and devastating loss and yet he left behind a collection of music that continues to delight us and anyone who hears it. Visit here to celebrate David's life.

You can purchase the CD's directly from this site for only $5.99 plus shipping and handling. Proceeds will go to the American Society for Suicide Prevention. If you wish to hear the songs please follow the Buy MP3 links below - no purchase necessary to listen. This music is also available on I-Tunes, and most other on-line music sources.

Comments can be left at the memorial Facebook page.

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